O mothers tell your children
Watch out for the candyman
He'll' waste their lives and leave them
In that broken promise land

They'll end up crushed by pushers
Who will use and bleed them dry
While mothers scream in agony
"God please tell me why?!"

Are you watching
the fall of Rome?
You'd better be watching
Don't let him catch you alone

Don't give in to temptation
And walk destructions way
When he's through with using you
Your life's with what you'll pay

He'll lead you down that lonely road
and leave you there for dead
With all the fucking misery
He's pumped into your head

He'll leave you in your misery
He don't need you anymore
Leave you laying in the streets
Yeah, leave you there for dead
He comes out with the darkness
At the setting of the sun
The shit he's out there pushin'
Is more dangerous than a gun

He's lurking in the shadows
Searching for that foolish one
Who'll give in to his promises
And lies of evil fun

Are we watching
the fall of Rome?
Are you watching?
Is anyone home?