I love the smell of napalm in the morning...

Flying low and feeling mean
See the cong by down the stream
Drop my load and watch 'em scream
'Cuz napalm sticks to kids

See the huts down on the coast
Forty children at the most
Napalm burns them black as toast
'Cuz napalm sticks to kids

Gonna paint your life, all pretty little dreams
Except noone told you that nothing's what it seems
You play around in your sandbox full of shit
Never takin' a chance to jump into the pit!

You fly around with your head up in the clouds
Can't see nothin' below you when you're feet don't touch the ground
You don't need reality, life is just a dream
Guess I should've told you that this is what it means:
Its a free-for-all!

Television babies fed
All in pictures, color red
"Can't you see what this has done to me?
A helpless vitim of society."