The Day the Inmates took Control...

...this is what the history books will read, but books never reveal the full story.

The truth of the matter is that
they left the gates unlocked, and the medicine cabinets open, and then "left" the premises, surrendering authority to those that have survived for so long without it.

Was it a test?

What would anyone expect from a group of rabid, wild mutant hippies do in a situation like this, but to push the limits of their minds' realities, test the boundaries of their human existence, and, of course, search for the lost treasures of mysterious legends and forgotten fantasies.

The Institution's own library contained the seed that would be planted in the mind's eye, growing into a mighty tree of curious nature and mind-blowing proportions.

The legend of the 7th Generation was too great of a temptation for any sane human being to resist.  So how could the Mad Scientist and Witch Doctor expect a group of highly neurotic and mentally deranged individuals from pursuing the it?

They couldn't.  And they shouldn't.

"Brotha'!" shouted Spankus Erectus, "take care of yourself!"

Jimi Hendrix smiled in response, for he knew the journey was about to begin.