The history of the Mad Dog Mental Institution actually begins with the story of Mad Dog himself. 

During the German blitzkrieg of Poland in October 1939, the 5th company 2nd Panzer Division shot down an alien spacecraft (pictured right), from Uranus.  The science advances discovered from the wreckage of this spacecraft led to many avenues of highly advanced technologies, including alloy compositions, advanced rocketry, nuclear fission, microchips, bioengineering, laser spectra-science, and robotics (to name a few).
In early 1941, the German government began experimenting with canines in a project called "Roböter Hünd".  Their intentions were to utilize dogs as spies by infusing them with the fledgling alien robotics technology, teaching them to speak language and communicate with humans.  Unfortunately for the Nazi regime, the proto-type canine escaped to the Allied forces.  This renegade "Roböter Hünd" was Mad Dog.  He gave the Allied war effort valuable secrets, helping them turn the momentum of the war and defeat the evil Nazi war machine. 

After the end of WWII, the U.S. government tried to harness the power of Mad Dog for its own nefarious war-mongering purposes fighting the Cold War against the U.S.S.R. (see
Codename: Sonic Voodoo history - the Universal Mind Project / Wisconsin).   Mad Dog once again escaped, and he has been hiding underground ever since.
Downed alien spacecraft, Poland 1939
Mad Dog, circa 1941
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