"I wouldn't recommend sex, drugs or insanity for everyone, but they've always worked for me."
Hunter S. Thompson
Welcome to sonicvoodoo.com, the inter-galactic headquarters of
Codename: SONIC VOODOO and the Mad Dog Mental Institution (M.D.M.I.)

We invite you to enter the bioengineered madness of the alternate reality mindtrip
created by warp generation techniques and groove manipulation experiments.

The Mad Dog Mental Institution is conducting experiments to explain a  strange phenomenon occurring in the genetic
food chain.  The phenomenon has manifested itself within a small herd of wild mutant hippies roaming around in east Texas. This nomadic tribe displays bizarre, rabid mannerisms that utilize heavy, exotic music to ward off evil spirits
(as well as possibly getting some sort of mating action happening).

This location serves as a friendly guide to the curious and voyeuristic, as well as a safe haven for
wild mutant hippies and by-products of extreme underground creations of audio destruction.

sonicvoodoo.com is purely non-profit charity work dedicated to saving and preserving
the ancient and sacred mating rituals of M.D.M.I. test subjects (wild mutant hippies).

Enter the Institution to learn more of recently declassified projects
and join the tribe to begin your *free* therapy sessions.

The final results of  PROJECT: FOUR TRACK MIND are now available for
public consumption and mind manipulation in a digital CD format.

Experiment results of future Sonic Voodoo projects will be available for warp perception generation
and public consumption in the 'near' future.

Stay tuned to the voices in your head for future updates regarding other Sonic Voodoo projects,
or sign the freakin' guestbook @ M.D.M.I. and we'll send you an e-mail update instead.

Thank you for visiting sonicvoodoo.com.

We hope you enjoy your stay and return soon.

Please do not forget to take your medication!*

*Codename: SONIC VOODOO, the Mad Dog Mental Institution, and sonicvoodoo.com are not liable  for possible side effects of your medication.
Potential known side effects include eye itching, nipple rash, excessive foot hair, and / or anal leakage.
Use at your own risk.

Sonic Voodoo and The Mad Dog Mental Institution do not advocate drug use and/or abuse. Get high on life!

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