In August, 1991, the Mad Dog Mental Institution (M.D.M.I.) began a confidential, top secret experiment:


The endeavor began in an old, abandoned warehouse, located deep within a decaying and overpopulated city (which shall remain nameless in order to protect the innocent). This ancient storage bunker was converted into an impervious, carpeted vault in order to accommodate the control group, a nasty hybrid of mutated humans and electronic machines.

(Subsequently, the "laboratory" had to be relocated within a year due to the amount of complaints from nearby citizens regarding the repugnant stench and agonizing noise that was a direct result of the non-stop experimentation.)

The SONIC VOODOO experiment was started in order to explain a strange phenomenon occurring in the genetic food chain. The phenomenon seemed to have manifested itself within a small herd of wild hippies roaming around in east Texas. This nomadic tribe appeared to display bizarre, rabid mannerisms that utilized heavy, exotic music to ward off evil spirits (and to possibly get some sort of mating action happening).

Additional field studies have also linked these strange behavioral patterns to research conducted years ago by government researchers in the unpopulated tundra of Wisconsin.

In decades past, scientists from around the globe converged in Wisconsin to conduct research with turbo-charged, overdriven audio amplifiers with the aspirations of tapping into the fabled universal "mind".

However, because of the volatile nature of quantum-nuclear physics and hot mayonnaise sandwiches, a psycho-dimensional reality was inadvertently created, which was later found uncontrollable by various United Nations peacekeeping forces. In addition, an enormous odor was found emitting from this void, with assorted pockets of gaseous matter producing highly unstable regions in the cosmic abyss.

At this point, the great scientists of the time decided to "plug" the void and move on with other projects in building weapons of mass destruction.

However, before the giant "cork" was completely inserted, a janitor accidentally spilled Pin-Sol into the vacuum, and a small amount of the noxious vapors escaped into the Earth's atmosphere. Eventually, the pernicious fumes settled to the planet's surface somewhere in east Texas.

Until recently, investigators at M.D.M.I. had been unable to determine the direct link (possibly the "missing link") between the strange behavior demonstrated by the SONIC VOODOO control group and the disgusting odor that leaked from the giant "hole" (or Mucho Voidus in scientific jargon).

On the verge of discovering the "one fact that would reveal the mother of all mysterious of the universe", the government grant that funded this entire business ran dry.

Unfortunately, the theoretical project was in the midst of great controversy due to the extreme nature of the experimentation and the possible outcome which could have far-reaching implications.

As a result, a great scandal and cover-up ensued (Voodoogate), and the mutated hippies were force-fed huge amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol in order to induce severe apathy.

At this point, the sequence of events that transpired seems to be a bit unclear.* It is a widely held belief that many of the subjects of these experiments were released back into their natural habitat by the Protective Organization That Helps Experimental Derelicts (P.O.T.H.E.D.).

However, because the wild mutant hippies were made docile in captivity, they were unable to fend off their natural predators and were forced to place themselves on exhibit at "decrepit, old buildings that people congregate at in order to intoxicate themselves".

Oddly, the SONIC VOODOO test subjects’ only inherent ability seemed to be making loud noises with electronic and acoustic machinery in a primal display that is an apparent attempt at releasing their inner emotional "demons’ (or, perhaps, another theory is that it is a display to get some sort of mating action happening with female wild mutant hippies).

Strangely coincidental, this primitive behavior seems to entertain very intoxicated individuals who frequent decrepit, old buildings.

*For additional information, see the documentary "PLANET OF THE WILD MUTANT HIPPIES" by Professor of Primate Masturbatory Studies, Dr. Jacque M. Uff.

Update: SONIC VOODOO test subjects were last sighted in public in May 2021.

However, according to a recent Special Report, a small group of renegade M.D.M.I. scientists have confiscated the experimentation results and have gone underground.

It is now believed that they have continued the SONIC VOODOO project in an undisclosed residence located in an obscure neighborhood deep within the urban sprawl of a decaying and overpopulated city (which shall remain nameless in order to protect the innocent).